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In E-Commerce SEO: Structured Data

Structured data using to formatting product information data means strengthening search results with rich Snippets, and these efforts positively affect the SEO benefits you will receive from the company’s product pages in the long term. Structured data offers you extra advantages for the pages you compete with. It achieves this with the high click-through rates it offers on the search results page.

But rich Snippets are no longer some kind of luxury. They are now a requirement for on-site SEO .

E-commerce sites are rearranging their search engine results pages to benefit from the benefits of rich snippets. Using structured data is a necessity to stay competitive . Otherwise, there is a risk of serious declines in market share in terms of search.

Why Do You Need Structured Data?

Sorting Signal

According to Google, structured data does not affect a page’s ranking. Even if this is a fully coherent statement, it only applies to the direct ranking signal. Even though Google has not said anything about the indirect effects of rich Snippets, as we mentioned before, rich Snippets directly affect click rates and bounce rates. These two ratios are among the factors that affect the rankings.

Click Rates

The ability of Rich Snippets to increase click-through rates is nothing new. In the past, e-commerce businesses gained different benefits from the search engine results page thanks to these. Because so few people take advantage of this, you might be the only one with a formatted list in the results.

Nowadays, many e-commerce sites have started to use structured data for their products. Due to the increase in product-related queries in search results, most of the results at the top use structured data. Therefore, it is necessary to consider that structured data is about increasing the click-through rate. Structured data is now an element that does not allow the click-through rate to disappear.

Increasing User Interaction

Providing users with useful information before they click on a page significantly improves the quality of visitors. If a visitor comes to a product page knowing its price and review rating, this reduces their bounce rate. Of course, this also affects a page’s ranking signal, as keyword rankings are significantly positively impacted as more visitors do not immediately return to the search engine page.

Structured Data,Schema Markup
Increasing User Interaction

How Is This Done?

The structured data available to you depends on the type of product, shipping status, currency accepted, etc. varies depending on the details. All details can be accessed at

There are four main rich snippets used for an online product, and they are displayed similarly in search engine results:

  • Name
  • Average Rating
  • Price
  • Suitability

When these schemas are applied to a product page, they appear on the search engine results page when appropriate search queries are made.

o implement these, you must place content about the product between itemscope itemtype=””> and tags. Then, you must write the product name in <div> with <span itemprop=”name”>Product name goes here</span> tags.

You should then enable the page to allow customers to rate the product out of five stars. If there is no such opportunity on the site, you must fulfill this.

Considering that the page has a rating system, you need to place this in the codes again. To do this, you must use itemtype=””> tags. In the Average Evaluating section, you must indicate the evaluation with numbers and the number of people who made the evaluation.

Finally, you should create the “quote” formatting. This data will include price and availability. You should do this formatting process with tags like the others. The price must be included in the “Offer” as stated, with appropriate labels. If we assume the product is in stock, this should also be indicated on the labels.

Structured Data,Schema Markup
How Is This Done?

If you add schema code to a product page, you should test it with Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to make sure there are no errors and see how it appears on the search engine results page. This will provide high click-through rates, high keyword rankings and higher quality visitors in a short time. As the number of products formatted with structured data increases, the chance of search engines to match you with suitable searches will increase.

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