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5 Best Methods to Optimize Your E-Commerce Content

E-commerce content on the site is still one of the most important ranking factors. This is especially important for new sites. The key here is what you’re looking for, how to write it, and how to turn it into sales. If you need help with SEO and content on the site, you should consider the following 5 methods and check them before sharing the content.

E-Commerce Content
5 Methods to Optimize Your E-Commerce Content

1. Get Rid of Me, Me, Me Thought and Turn It into You, You, You Thought

Read the content you prepared. Clarify whether the content is about you or the visitor. Try to stay away from me, me, me thinking. Always think about you, yours and the person searching for the product. You will impress the reader more when you write about the other person, be it your products, company, yourself or your services. The result is more trust and conversions.

Let’s try to explain this with an example. Let’s give examples of content created to appeal to the user, avoiding the constant “me” mindset. Prom dresses are discussed in the examples.

  • Few Sites:  Our store offers you the best variety of dresses for proms, events and such occasions.
  • Smart Sites:  The big night is here and the dress that will make you look perfect (insert type of dress here) is not far away. Grace the dance floor and look impressive during speeches with your comfortable yet amazing new dress (insert type of dress here). Imagine if the people at the party start talking about you and your dress (insert type of dress here), after a whimsical joke you might end up on the dance floor. As you move like a queen on the dance floor, the beads and sequins will shine and everyone will be talking about you. This will all start with choosing the best dress (insert type of dress here). If you want to be ready for a fabulous night, your outfit (insert type of dress here) is just a click away. Look below and click on your dreams (insert type of dress here) and remember you always have a 100% money back guarantee to make you and your dress look perfect on your night!
  • Perfect Sites:  The event you’re going to is pretty big, and when you walk in (insert dress here) everyone will be staring at you.Look below to discover the perfect (insert dress here) dress that suits your unique style and witness the moments that will give you those magical moments in the night of your life. Your dream night and (insert type of dress here) are just a click away. Remember, you are always in safe hands when purchasing (insert type of dress in plural here) from our (insert brand name here) with our (insert opportunities for refunds, product returns, etc. here). We want the night and the dress to be perfect for you!

2. Remember that you are writing for the person who is doing the shopping as well as writing for the person who will buy the product.

People sometimes forget that the person who buys the product and the person who makes the purchase may be different. If the products are for children, the child’s family may be purchasing this product. Children may want the drum set that makes the loudest noise, but families may not want this set that is a head-scratcher in the house.

This way, no matter how loud the drummer makes, families will always be happy because they feel they are getting the best product to help them.

Use the Right Complements to Engage People

3. Use the Right Complements to Engage People

Complements are short keywords and are used to describe long phrases. These words help shoppers find you and earn you more sales. Use complements throughout the site and use the most important ones within the internal link structure. Assign them to the appropriate pages you want to drive traffic to. At the same time, multiply your keywords and generate more long-tail traffic by combining complements. An example has been created below.

Keyword: Party Supplies

  • party material
  • Buy Party Supplies
  • Buy Blue Party Supplies
  • Buy Blue Party Supplies Online for Baby Showers
  • Buy Blue Party Supplies and Gifts Online for Baby Boy Showers

The last one may be a bit long, but it is something that can be found in long-tail phrases. If you do not have such complementary words or descriptive terms, you may not appear in search engine results, you may not get traffic and you may not make sales. Instead of just saying party supplies, try to use more specific, more appropriate repetitions and similar words. In this way, you can establish a dialogue with visitors and enable them to shop, use your services, link to you or come back to your site.

4. Number and Density of Keywords

If a site with less than 350 words, poor keyword density, overall poor user experience, and lacks proper markup ranks better than you, you’re in luck because you can beat that site. You can outperform them by implementing a better SEO strategy . You should use stronger ingredients and stronger complements. However, remember that having high-quality content or focusing on keywords does not always provide the best user experience.

5. Add Conversion Details Just Like Shopping Details in E-Commerce Content

Many stores offer offers such as free shipping or refunds for purchases of 99 TL or more. While some use SSL certificates, others try to gain users’ trust by using certain icons. Some stores forget to add these things to their sites.

If you spend too much time convincing the visitor to shop, you should identify the reasons for this and try to persuade users to shop faster. By using opportunities such as free shipping, 100% satisfaction and short-term delivery, you can gain their trust and direct them to shop more easily. This method is very useful for pages that sell categories and products.

Whether or not algorithm updates affect you, you should do your on-site SEO work. You should try to increase your sales figures by attracting more traffic to your site. For this, you must use the right complements (keywords), the right repetitive words, and remind visitors of the advantages of shopping from you. By doing these, you can attract more visits to your site and convert visitors into sales.

Add Conversion Details Just Like Shopping Details

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